eos wake

eos wake is an intelligent wake-up light that adjusts to your sleepcycle to improve the waking up experience. A wristband tracks your movements overnights. When it determines you in the lightest sleep stage close to your choosen wake up time the wristband activates the lamp on your bedside table and a personal dawn simulation begins.

eos wake gradually turns on blue light to prepare your body for waking up naturally. The cold blue light stopps the melatonin flow and activates the production of serotonin.




In the evening you can choose red light to stimulate the flow of melatonin. The warm light signals your body to calm down and prepare for sleep.
















The wristband double function as sleep tracker and wearable remote for the lamp.

eos wake contains a LED matrix that allows to change the light colour from red to blue to perfectly synchronise your internal bodyclock.